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Having an eCommerce store can help you broaden your product/service offering, expand your business, attract more customers, and diversify your sales. It’s the perfect way to transition your brand from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to an innovative, well-loved one.

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

With eCommerce, you don’t need more than one branch, just one online store that allows you to reach customers without worrying about moving locations entirely; you can simply manage your online business from home.

Do you want to create an online store? Do you want to know the best e-commerce plugins in WordPress?

best ecommerce plugins for wordpress

It’s absolutely essential to select the best eCommerce plugins for your company because a better platform means more opportunities for growth. People repeatedly lose money as a result of inadequate research before choosing an eCommerce platform to launch their store.

In this article, we’ll look at a few best e-commerce plugins. We will discuss some details to assist you in determining which eCommerce plugin is best for your company.

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1. WooCommerce

It’s a WordPress e-commerce plugin that’s both free and open-source. It’s for WordPress-based online merchants with small to medium-sized businesses. The plugin, which was released on September 27, 2011, quickly gained popularity due to its ease of installation and customization, as well as the fact that the base product is freeware.

The most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin right now is WooCommerce, an old standby.

woocommerce-best ecommerce plugins for wordpress

WooCommerce is powerful, free, and owned by Automattic, one of the most influential companies in the WordPress ecosystem, so this is most likely the case.

WooThemes (the original creators of WooCommerce) was purchased by Automattic in 2015.

There are numerous add-ons and themes available for WooCommerce. They’re backed up by a strong developer community with them. Several hosting companies have recently begun to develop WooCommerce-specific solutions.

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2. WP eCommerce

If you’ve experimented with WooCommerce, you’ll feel right at home with WP eCommerce, which has a similar look, feel, and paid extensions situation to the more well-known WordPress e-commerce plugin.wp ecommerce

There are some significant differences between what WooCommerce provides for free versus what is available as a paid extension and how WP eCommerce handles these same features in terms of free and paid options.

WP eCommerce is a free-to-use platform with a marketplace of paid add-ons to extend its core functionality.

3. Cart66 Cloud

The appeal of Cart66 Cloud is not in a complex technical backend but in a seamless front-end experience that is accessible to those who want to start an e-commerce store but lack web development experience.

Unlike WooCommerce, most of the necessary e-commerce functionality is built-in — no need to spend a fortune on extensions to get it to work the way you want.

cart 66 cloud

This Plugin is versatile enough to be used for a variety of online payment scenarios. Including collecting donations, selling products, creating subscription payments, and more.

Cart66’s pricing page oddly states that they are not currently accepting new accounts. Despite the fact that their plugin is still active in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a NASDAQ-listed e-commerce platform that offers retailers software as a service. The platform of the company includes online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, marketing, and security for small to large businesses.

It is an eCommerce solution that specifically assists businesses with online sales. It’s the same platform that powers the likes of Skullcandy, Ben & Jerry’s, CamelBak, and other well-known online retailers.


This Plugin is cloud-hosted and integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website. Scalability, enterprise-grade security, and high performance are all provided.

BigCommerce is a stand-alone platform, but it also has a WordPress plugin that integrates eCommerce features.

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5.WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart is a leading WordPress eCommerce software developer that specializes in full eCommerce and shopping cart website solutions and plugins. It creates third-party tools for WordPress, Intuit, Quickbooks, ShipStation, Stamps, UPS, FedEx, USPS, PayPal, Authorize, and a variety of other platforms.

It integrates with the same tools that the majority of small business owners already use and love, such as Quickbooks and MailChimp.

wp easycart

You can use it to sell both digital and physical products, as you can with many of the top WordPress e-commerce plugins mentioned here.

There is a free plan available, as well as a premium level of service available for a reasonable $99/year for access to all extensions.


In general, starting an eCommerce business is a relatively simple, low-cost, and low-risk endeavor. So long as you choose your products/services wisely, have an appropriate business plan. And find the right partner to assist you in building your own store, there is plenty of potential for passive income and high ROI in the long run. Here are some of the best e-commerce plugins in WordPress to make your life easy.

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