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white label seo software

When evaluating possibilities, you need to make sure your money is invested in the best white label SEO softwares suitable for your users and business image. However, several SEO software alternatives promote their image rather than providing white label SEO softwares for firms and SEO freelancers; this is frequently harder than it sounds. 

Furthermore, while most white label SEO softwares offer a variety of statistics, SEO analytics, and keyword performance indicators, not all of them have the capabilities your customers require. Not every online marketing business or SEO contractor is a good fit for white label SEO technology.

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What are White Label SEO Softwares?

White-label product SEO softwares are repackage online technologies that appear to be a service creation particularly for another business. White labeling is a common practice in online marketing since no person has the patience or money to design complex software from the beginning. They’re also not obligate to do it. With several white label alternatives available, you have to choose the ideal one.

White-label link development and content marketing have been business practices for a long time, and redesigning SEO software is becoming more popular. Your users and employees will be able to log in and operate together on assignments and manage their SEO campaigns.

what are white label seo softwares

Your users can also review real-time white label SEO data at any moment by logging in with only read-only permission capabilities. Configurations and scanning actions are not accessible to read-only users.

What Should You Look For in a White Label SEO Software Provider?

Since you’ll be selling somebody else’s items and possibly services to your customers shortly, you’ll want to understand your white label source as much as possible. This may appear to be a complex undertaking, but it is simple. You should know what to search for.

Competitor Research

Competitor analysis is not only essential for SEO performance, but it’s also among the most intriguing information that SEO tool consumers will seek out. This is a must-have function for reselling SEO technology to prospective customers.

Customers can plan more effectively by looking at direct competitors. This ability also enables you to provide contextual data to your customers while presenting your plan and statistics. 

Regular Keyword Ratings and Tracking Data

Data organizing strategies are essential when it pertains to the most excellent SEO. The professional standard has been Google Search Console data. Yet, Google Search Console data isn’t used by all SEO tools. When looking at white label SEO solutions, make sure the application you chose offers regular keyword and rating statistics refreshes.

GSC Insights, part of the SearchAtlas suite, is developed using Google’s API, ensuring that you and your customers get the most useful, precise, and up-to-date information possible. 

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SEO Audit Reports 

Among the most effective diagnostic techniques you can utilize is an SEO audit. SEO audits can assist you not just to find more customers, but they may additionally enable you to offer extra services and enhance the likelihood of contract extensions. You can also maintain records of your customers’ SEO development with periodic audits.

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Dashboard Accessibility for Clients

Some customers prefer to be left alone and others may more actively involve in the SEO procedure. It’s critical to invest in a product that allows login to the dashboards for those who wish to maintain a check on their SEO information or utilize the program for their in-house staff.

This solution does not just give your customers visibility into the development of their site’s SERPs, but it also offers complete transparency. Furthermore, dashboard accessibility enables you to resell program rights for a higher return on investment.

Top SEO Softwares Available to White Label

Following software’s are the top 7 SEO software’s available to white label.


WebCEO is an excellent choice regardless of whether you need SEO software for your in-house staff or resell to your customers. It’s one of the most well-known white label SEO management companies, and its track record is unparalleled.


Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two of WebCEO’s connectors, allowing you to access vast analytics feeds. They provide a wide range of tools that cover anything your customers require, from keyword analysis to backlink grade checks. You may create a customized domain or subcategory that will contain all of the handy features using the white label domain option.


AuthorityLabs offers one of the top statistics strategies in the industry. You may acquire location-specific keyword information organized by city, postal codes, and other factors. It is an incredible choice if you’re looking for a solution to supply you with location-based SEO analytics.

From the style to the information gathering procedures, their results and analysis can be entirely tailored to meet your customers’ requirements.


You may access the entire set of functions for the package you pick to try. You may also obtain device-specific information and understand what keywords smartphone consumers prefer. They also provide a 1-month complimentary subscription.


SellSaaS‘ services are geared toward generating leads, making them ideal for everybody. Sell SaaS provides several SaaS solutions, which you may establish in under a minute and begin reselling instantly. Each item completely customizes, and you won’t have to think about the mechanical side of things because they handle everything backstage. 


SEMRush is a comprehensive set of SEO services. They may be among the most well-known SEO tool companies. Since it covers a variety of helpful data providers, SEMRush is ideal for statistics and monitoring. They give dashboards that are simple to operate and comprehensive. 


There’s no limitation to how much you can do using their toolbox. You could even monitor your rivals’ analysis and marketing strategies. Even their complimentary package is far superior to several other premium options.


DashThis is a white label SEO dashboards generator that allows SEO businesses to show critical information to their customers quickly and easily.


The statistics and reports can arrange and read easily using DashThis. You can modify anything you want to your liking and customize a dashboard with your customers or even your logos with your unique URL.

You choose to clone your current dashboards and apply them to new customers. Several SEO interfaces, like Google Analytics, Moz, and Ahrefs, are available. You may integrate social networks, PPC, and other information to your panels in addition to SEO-related information.


Local SEO is the focus of BrightLocal. BrightLocal has fantastic solutions for your customers who operate local companies or offer location-specific services. They may use the resources they provide to improve their rank regionally. The statistics are simple to download as well. 


Customized SEO analytics are available, and you can choose which information your customers see. BrightLocal also provides feedback management, allowing you to assist your customers in taking control of their image. You can also conduct contrasting search engine studies to help your clients remain ahead of the competition.


SERanking is a white-label cloud-based SEO software with various services that you may brand and the market as your own. Everything is configurable, and you may also make bills for your clients depending on their performance.

You may generate automated or customized analytics, do website inspections, compare your site to others’ websites, track your hyperlinks, and so much more.


Another benefit of the SERanking software is interacting with Google Analytics and having a unique API. It is also quite economical and has a lot of great SEO features and capabilities.

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Before investing your money in white label SEO software, make sure your money invest in the best white label SEO softwares suitable for your users and business image when evaluating possibilities. Correctly understand white label SEO softwares and top SEO softwares available to White Label.

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