5 Popular Types Of Blog Posts to Bring Guaranteed Traffic

types of blog posts to bring guaranteed traffic

As far as blog posts are concerned, all formats of content are not created equally.

These days for a successful blog, it requires more than enticing headlines or sharing images. While such components are unquestionably essential, to attract the correct group of readers a blog needs cautious ideation, outreach and optimization.

Providentially, the content of SEO is in no way a rocket science thing. Whether you are stressed with ideas of content or observing to monetize ideas in a better way, some most prevalent post types to aid your blog drive traffic and pull improved traction to the website.

Importance of Understanding search intent

Before identifying types of blog posts that are proven already to bring outcomes, search intent needs to be talked about first. If you fail to know search intent, reason behind specific search if search intent.

Every search type falls into one or more objective categories:

  1. Informational intention

This is where the user wishes to study something. While such search types characteristically comprise words as “what is,” “how-to,” or “who,” not all searches regarding information are modelled as enquiries (such as JFK International Airport directions).

Search user intends to visit a specific website. The public would slightly look for search engines instead of typing full web domain in the URL address bar for the reason that they might be hesitant of the careful webpage. For instance, consider “WestIn contact number” or “Facebook”.

  1. Transactional intention

When the search user wishes to buy something. Transactional intent usually denotes that the search user is ready with the wallet. They are simply seeking the website to finalize a procurement. Distinctive search enquiries embrace “spa package,” “MacBook air cheap” and “buy iPhone 12.”

  1. Marketable examination

Search user has the purpose to purchase but is yet at the stage of research. People executing such types of explorations necessitate additional details about the service or product that they have attended in purchasing.

They look for terms such as “best android phone” or “top New York restaurant” to associate precise service or product.

By considering detailed intent behindhand, a hunt, the blog post can be optimized for correct search periods. And when an accurate sort of searcher locates your content, a blog can produce targeted and relevant traffic.

Use blog to target search intent

Using Google’s continuous objective absorbed on facilitating most applicable information for the query of search, bring into line the content using the intent of audience’s search permitting your blog to grow high for appropriate results of a search.

For SEO achievement, significance is a central principle that should not be ignored.

So how the search intent can be inferred and generate content driving noteworthy traffic prospective?

Let us look at search terms like “how to bake a cake”. For such keywords alone, it might seem as search has an informational intention. But, the search intent should not be guessed. A rapid method to authorize specific intent of search is by accomplishing search of Google.

By entering keywords into Google, which is “how to bake a cake,” as per our assumption, is clear from outcomes that users seek for cake procedure baking guides and ideas. To competitively rank higher for such a type of search, you must emphasise content around a how-to post or list article.

Now that we’ve better grip of intent and its part in the creation of content, let us seek the most prevalent ideas of blog posts that you can be used today to begin fabricating content that is high-quality.

5 Types of Blog Post to Deliver Engaging and Valuable Content

Use top-ranked content ideation below to grab the guesswork from content ideation.

1. Tutorials and how-tos

Having Google searches that are 80% being informative, tutorial and how-to posts are fundamental for a blog, your industry or niche does not matter. Since the goal of how-to map or guide is solving difficulty, readers visiting your article would be extra persuaded to spend on your service or product.

And as you are a specialist in business, how-to articles types are humble methods to attach using audience and inaugurate trustworthiness while displaying your proficiency.

To exploit the efficiency of such post ideas types, ensure to involve visuals like videos and images within your articles. The content is enriched not only from visuals, but also assist readers to understand info provided improved.

2. Case studies

It is an extremely appreciated brand and marketing promotional application. In case studies of B2B marketing, the following benefits can be provided:

  • Showcase palpable worth of capabilities and product
  • Highlights how product fixes client discomfort areas
  • Launch reliability with actual customers
  • Deliver social resistance for potential customers
  • Expose brand evangelists

To apprehend case studies’ influence, construct your procedure from problem or challenge to prospective resolutions and, lastly, the conclusion and results.

The intelligence of scripting posts on upcoming drifts is that you are capable of displaying industry knowledge and expertise. Since people always seek information or information regarding succeeding market trends, posts regarding prediction can produce boundless responses, and also can spark discussions.

Figures by Hubspot shows that people usually visit a blog for the reason below:

  • To study something fresh
  • To be amused
  • To learn regarding trends or news in their business

4. Eventual guides

The most definitive type of blog post is Ultimate guides. Such long-form ideas for posts characteristically surpass 3,000 words. Few guides even consume more than 10,000 words to write commendably.

Hence, why a comprehensive and detailed blog post needs to be written? Few paybacks are as mentioned below:

  • Generate immortal content producing yearly traffic
  • You and the brand needs to be positioned as SME
  • The pointer of importance is imperative to search intention
  • Delivers your brand with assets of marketing campaign
  • Obtains extra social shares, cumulative engagement of content
  • Enlarges opportunities for keywords

Irrespective of niche or topic, content that long-form always outclasses blog posts that are shorter. Bloggers working on long content acknowledge 54% superior outcomes and obtain 3 times extra traffic compared to blogs writing only short content.

5. Infographics

Images are known to be attention grabbers compared to text, contemplating counting infographics to the calendar of blog content. Infographics are attractive and exciting to be read; moreover, they’re shared 3 times more than any other type of content.

Definitely, infographics function finest when skillfully planned. Providentially, there’re several tools for online infographics as Piktochart and Canva to enable you to generate attractive infographics at freemium cost.


By drafting relevant content on the basis of search intent and integrating such SEO top practices to post thoughts, more opportunities will be gained by your blog to perform superior in search fallouts. Extra prominence in search is directly proportional to augmented organic traffic.

After publishing a blog post, let the world beware of it. Promoting content can be accomplished by posting on social media, taking part in forums like Reddit, engaging with influencers, and promoting by means of Facebook.

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