Utilizing Google Drive For Team Collaborations

Google Drive is a great platform for team collaborations. You can create and share files with your team, and even collaborate on documents in real-time. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best practices that organizations can use for utilizing Google Drive. We will also provide some tips on how to get the most out of this platform. Let’s get started!

What is Google Drive and what are its features?

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage and file sharing platform. It allows you to store files in the cloud, access them from anywhere, and share them with others. Google Drive also includes several features that make it ideal for team collaborations. These features include:

  • File sharing: You can easily upload and share files with others by uploading them to Google Drive, and you can set permissions to determine who can access the files. For example, one person might be provided with an Editing Access to a folder, thus enabling him/her to rename, delete or perform other actions in the folder. On the other hand, another person might just be provided with a View Access. In this case, he/she can just view the folder, download and perform a few more activities.

  • Access to Google’s Suite of Productivity Apps: Google Drive comes with access to Google’s Suite of Productivity Apps, which includes the very popular Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Slides. For those who are still comfortable with the Microsoft Office offerings, they should definitely check out these tools to make your life and work easier. These tools not only enable teams and users to work with less complex settings, but also allows them to easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Work with existing Microsoft Office Files:  If you have existing Microsoft Office files, you can easily upload them to Google Drive and convert them to Google Docs format. This way, you and your team can continue to work on them, and make changes, add comments and keep version control, collaboratively.
  • Collaborative editing: You can edit documents with others in real-time, and all changes are automatically saved in your or the original owner’s Google Drive storage.
  • Access History or Activity: Users can access the history or activity of changes, editing done in a Folder or changes done to a particular file. Thus administrators can keep a check on version history and user or team activity with regards to the files and folders.
  • Offline access: Files stored in Google Drive are available offline, so you can still access them even if you’re not connected to the internet. You can do so from any device with Google Drive installed, be it your Laptop, Smartphone or your Tablet.

How can organizations use Google Drive for team collaborations?

Whether you are a startup or a big corporate, there are several ways that organizations can use Google Drive for increasing team productivity and collaboration. Some of these methods are listed below:

  • Creating shared drives: Shared drives allow everyone on your team to easily store and access files together. You can create a shared drive by clicking “New” > “Folder” in Google Drive and provide access to your team members. Once this is done, all of the subfolders will be accessible to them.
  • Access Control: You can provide access to your team members, clients, or others as per their authorization and role definition.
  • Collaborating on documents: You can collaborate on documents in real-time by clicking “New” > “Google Docs” in Google Drive. This will create a new document that you can share with others and collaborate on. You can provide an Editor, Commentor or a Viewing Access to your Team members based on their engagement and authorization level.

How do you and your team get started with Google Drive?

If you’re not already using Google Drive, we recommend that you and your team get started by signing up for a free account with Google. Once you have an account, you can start working on it online on the Google Drive website or install the Google Drive desktop app on your computer (Recommended for Team usage and collaborations). The Google Drive desktop app will allow you to easily upload files to Google Drive and access them offline. To install the latest version of the Google Drive desktop app, you can head over to the official website and download the installation package.

Competitors of Google Drive:

Here are some of the popular competitors of Google Drive that are widely used across the globe.

  • Dropbox: Dropbox is a cloud-based storage and file sharing platform that competes with Google Drive. It offers similar features, such as file sharing, collaborative editing and offline access.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud storage and syncing service that offers similar features to Google Drive and Dropbox. It is integrated with Microsoft Office Online, which allows users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
  • iCloud: iCloud is a cloud storage and syncing service developed by Apple. It offers similar features to Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. iCloud is integrated with Apple’s suite of productivity apps, such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


Google Drive is a versatile tool that can be used for increasing team productivity and collaboration across multiple verticals in all types of organizations. By following the best practices that we have outlined in this blog post, you can make the most of this platform and improve your teamwork skills. Have you tried using Google Drive for team collaborations? What tips would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!


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