UX: Knowing the value of user experience in SEO

User experience has been all the rage in the technological world for a few years now. Although the term is not new, its boom dates from a few years ago. Currently, in the technological world, UX is a field in great demand. In recent times it has grown rapidly thanks to the Internet boom and the potential use of smart devices, especially smartphones. Consequently, it also reaches internet search engines. That is why here we will deepen the influence that the UX has on SEO.

To begin with, let’s clarify what exactly is user experience or UX. In short, user experience is the analysis of users and the interaction, relationship, and impact that systems generate in their lives. These can be both analog and digital systems. User experience finds a middle ground between what the project is looking for and what the user is looking for. Finally, this process creates a win-win dynamic where both the company and the user get the results they expect.

User experience, the real goal

In the case of websites, user experience is a crucial element for the proper functioning of the site and for its growth. A good UX design ensures user retention, loyalty and increases traffic. And it is likely to result in a large number of conversions. Which is what every website is looking for. It is precisely in this dynamic that user experience and SEO are connected.

Ultimately, the goal of SEO should be to offer the best possible user experience. Even before following techniques, keywords, and reading algorithms for positioning, it must be the guarantee that the user will find what he/she is looking for. Because, by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes, we will know that they are looking for a pleasant experience. So, if someone offers them that experience, that’s where they will go. And for sure, they will stay.

SEO plus UX equals SXO

User experience and SEO

This is not always easy to understand. In fact, there are people who believe that user experience and SEO are disconnected or isolated aspects. But this is not the case. On the contrary, they are intimately related. So much so that the term SXO came about as a result of combining the acronyms UX and SEO. If we think about it, this combination makes a lot of sense. Because in the end SEO is not about following absolute rules or technicalities, but about creating quality content that responds to the conditions of users. In order to be placed in the first options of the search results, but even more, to become the first options of the users.

So, when optimizing your website, think first about how the user will feel when they get there. Ask yourself: How do they want to feel? What do they want to find? What experience do I want them to have? And, from there, answer the other main elements of SEO. It makes sense in that the better someone feels on your site, the longer they will want to stay on your site.

Plus, that user experience will ensure loyalty and a desire to return. It’s about identity and comfort. The user won’t go looking outside for what they can find on your site. Also, if you want to learn more about how to increase web traffic and combine it with user experience, read our post.

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