What Are The Different Kinds of Websites

website types

If we talk about website types as their design. There are three types that are static, dynamic or CMS and e-commerce websites. Therefore, If you make decisions for website design it will be according to your business necessity and these all are designing also, on numerous platforms.

Here are some popular websites

  • Blog
  • Affiliate based website
  • AdSense based website
  • Business websites
  • E-commerce website
  • Educational website
  • Portfolio website
  • NGO/nonprofit website
  • Social media websites
  • Service-based website
  • Mod APK websites
  • Personal website
  • Membership website
  • Wiki or Community forum website
  • Tool based websites


Blogs are mostly preferring choice websites and love for families and individuals who want to memorize and archive their event of Life. Likewise, for birthdays, weddings, babies, anniversaries and other precious moments, blogging has become well-known incredibly. Similarly, It is a great platform for sharing your hobbies and also, favourite recipes, presenting personal style.

Affiliate Based Websites

These websites run associated programs and are also calling affiliate programs. These are arrangements by which an online merchant website pays affiliate programs running websites to the commission in return for sending them traffic. In other words, This affiliate marketing is done by putting links of that merchant websites on the websites that links are paid as per agreements. Affiliate advertising can be lucrative but, it takes time and also, money commitment to make a real business

Corporate/ business websites

A business site is like a branding site that is designing and committing also, to depicting a specific business. Therefore, It must have your business logo and positioning. Similarly, it must contain all kinds of items, Information and also, services for that it is designed. Whether it is a big or small business it has its website as well. It will be for each potential user or client who Google and reach to your website it must satisfy them.

E-commerce websites

Where people make online purchases and sales also, are known as e-commerce websites. The purpose of these sites must accommodate every selling business.

It is very easy to start an e-commerce site and start selling as well. The best way to build an e-commerce website is through Shopify and Amazon. These allowed you to incorporate all shopping features like payment gateway, shopping cart, and inventory display to your website.

Educational website

Educational sites are working for the educational institution for providing information to the students, for announcements, and results. These are also working for those who are sharing online courses. Therefore, These have essential purposes to give students studying materials, notes, online audio and video lectures also. Some of them offer educational items or membership models procurement

Portfolio websites

They are a great place and showcase for your portfolio management. Every professional person like a photographer stores his photography as a model to show and grab more projects. Content writers stores their portfolio of writing and some other people do this. It works like a curriculum vitae showing your interests and abilities to assure your dizziness of clients, customers or future prospects. Similarly, This website has the best apparatus for everyone like web designers

NGOs Non-Profit Organization websites

Just like business, corporate and branding websites nonprofit organizations and NGOs also need to have a website for their online operations. Therefore, NGO websites are designed that are the most straightforward means to reach potential contributors to know about the NGOs and share their donations also. These websites can be used to advance the ventures your association handlers, for accepting donations and also, urging the devotees to make a move.

Social media websites

Social media websites are designing to let people share thoughts, pictures and contemplations. Also just associate with others corresponding to a specific topic. The purpose of social media websites is to turn people away to find our interests and news and shop and also, connect with the community. For example, Tumblr is a social media site that allows everyone to share what they want

Entertainment website

Entertainment websites contain consistently refreshing materials on current and recently undertaken, amusement, sports and climate. Similarly, news destinations like CNN and also,entertainment biggies e.g. ELLE. Both fall into an entertainment nature. Its contents are on local and dynamic media which means it can be updated normally.

Enormous media locales will publish various types of articles and recordings on daily basis as per schedule.

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