What exactly is VeriClock?

VeriClock is a simple and powerful internet timekeeping technology, which can reliably record attendance records for hourly employees that operate off-site for your firm.

Employees can use the tool to clock in or out by phone or the Internet. Voice verification, GPS tagging, and IP address recording are some of the tool’s verification approaches.

You can get rid of the old manual timesheets and eliminate the requirement for specialist gear or software using this tool. Employee hours may be viewed, verified, and reported on in real-time by your management.

Benefits of VeriClock Overview

VeriClock is indeed a web-based workforce time monitoring service ideal for companies with both mobile and stationary workforces. Employees could use tools to clock in or out of work using a variety of devices, including a simple touch-tone phone, an app, or a web browser. Business owners may then track and control work timesheets in real-time, generate detailed reports, and export the cards into various accounting systems, saving time and money for their companies.

A powerful collection of additional capabilities complements the tool’s simplicity, including validation tools that ensure your employees are checking in when and when you need them. Employees can convey many pieces of information with their managers through job codes, text and audio reports, and even bespoke data sets that are tied to each clock in/out.

User Appreciation

We understand that when you’re looking to buy Management Software, it’s crucial to look at not only how professionals rate it in their evaluations, but also whether real individuals and companies who buy it are happy with it. That’s why we developed our behavior-based Consumer Satisfaction Algorithm TM, which collects customer feedback, comments, and VeriClock reviews from a variety of social media sites. The information is then provided in a simple format that shows how many individuals had favourable and bad experiences with VeriClock. With that knowledge, you should be able to make an informed purchasing decision that you will not regret.

Employee Observation

Forget about time-consuming and complicated techniques of monitoring your employees’ activity. WebWork Time Tracker is the easiest and fastest solution to this problem. It automates the staff monitoring process by providing the following features:

Icon Attendance Monitoring: Examine the beginning and end of a working day using criteria such as early departure, late arrival, and less tracking. Also it allows you to check how many hours you actually worked out from the daily plan.

Icon Apps as well as Website Usage: View your employees’ most frequently visited applications and websites to see how they use their working hours.

Icon Screenshot Reports: Every 10 minutes, the desktop monitor randomly records your employees’ screens. This provides you with real-time data on how they spend your working hours. View your level of activity as a per cent based on key press clicks with the Activity Level Report.


The software from VeriClock aids in encouraging and ensuring staff honesty and openness. Because the programmed is cloud-based, users can access it from any device (tablets, desktops, smart phones, and more). VeriClock also has the following capabilities:

  • Apps are available for both IOS and Android.
  • Management and reporting via the cloud.
  • Signature capture within the app.
  • Overtime Calculation & Multiple Overtime Rules
  • Job and Maintenance Codes that can be customized.
  • Payroll and other reports that is customizable and exportable.
  • CSV, XLS, XLSS, and PDF are just a few of the export formats available.
  • Capability to clock in as a group.
  • Settings can be customized per organization or per user.
  • Employees can be automatically clocked out with Time Guard.
  • E-mail Alerts that can be customized.
  • Clock-In/Clock-Out with GPS Tags and Continuous Tracking
  • Geofences.
  • Sage 50 or Bookkeeping integration.
  • Assistance with employee on boarding.
  • Support is available for free by chat, phone, and email.


With our personnel out in the field on a daily basis, VeriClock allows us to always know where they are. Reduces employee time falsification, inaccuracies on time sheets, and paychecks, as well as the time it takes to handle payroll, allowing our Payroll Personnel to leave without having to hire and train a new employee because the Assistant is ready to obtain over payroll… Read less


I don’t have any other online time monitoring systems to compare them to because the other firms I contacted throughout my research for this product have yet to provide me with their information, so I can’t really compare them.

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