Why you get banned from Google Search

Google is a leading search engine with millions of users. Thus, to maintain the quality of its results, it occasionally bans websites from appearing in search results. Most of the time, these are spamming or low-quality websites.

In most cases, cybercriminals create such websites on purpose. Often, as a result of this, an incidence occurs. Some hacker hacks your site, and the malicious code remains there for a long time. In this case, Google will remove your website from its search results.

Of course, it is not your fault, but your website is your obligation. However, Google must take steps to guarantee the safety of Google employees.

People invest a lot of time and money into their websites. They create appealing content, do link building, and now their website is moving towards progress. However, when they check Google rankings, there is a noticeable drop in rankings.

In this case, they should check to see if Google has penalized them. When Google suspects that a website is manipulating the Search Engine Page Rankings, it issues Google Ranking Penalties (SERPs).

This article will discuss a few grounds which can cause your ban from Google search. Below is the list of reasons :


Cloaking allows an internet user to see one version of a page while a search engine sees a different version. In other words, it makes a web page show different content to a search engine and a human user. It means creating highly optimized pages only visible to search engine spiders to improve a website’s rating.

The hidden page is jam-packed with keywords and phrases. Consequently, the website needs that to score well. There are legitimate reasons for cloaking, such as tailored advertising. On the other hand, if you’re influencing the rankings, Google will ban your website from search.

Doorway Pages

These “doorway” pages are only to manipulate search engines. They are primarily concerned with giving the website a higher ranking. Human readers will find no useful information on doorway pages. These pages can be unsightly, with paragraphs upon paragraphs of meaningless content.

Doorway pages are usually orphaned pages, which means they aren’t part of the site’s regular navigation. An SEO agency may utilize software to create doorway pages. They enter a few keywords, and the software generates pages. They copy the content excessively from other websites.

Hacked Website

One of the most likely causes of a Google search ban is hacking. Many people have no idea about the hacking of their websites. Hackers may add several spam links that are not visible to the users.

If you come across any strange pop-ups, links, or any new pages or articles on your site, it means your site is hacked. To be safe, you should scan your website for SPAM with one of the WordPress security plugins.

The practice of purchasing links or paying for websites to link back to your site is primitive. In today’s SEO market, link campaigns are not only beneficial; in fact, they are a requirement. It just improves your search engine rating.

Your connection to “bad neighborhoods” or low-quality websites will affect the rating of your website.

Only credible and trustworthy links will have a favorable impact on your rating. You have to be careful about the links, otherwise, your website will vanish from the search engine. Check your website regularly and verify the links from other sites.

Duplicate Content

The most common reason for Google to outrank or eliminate your website is duplicate content. Most amateur bloggers copy blog content from other successful blogs to increase traffic. They are unfamiliar with the true meaning of blogging.

Google algorithms are incredibly proficient at detecting such copy-paste blogs. They either penalize such websites or remove them entirely from Google search results. You can always report them using Google’s DMCA service if you find someone stealing your content.

Final Words

Always try to use accurate and legal ways to enhance the traffic and ranking of your site. You can also use security plugins from different companies to ensure your web security. In the case of hacking, try to consult an expert. If Google bans your website first, try to find out the original reason. Then, try contacting the Google team for further process.

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